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CEVA Software / Algorithm Partner

3D Face and emotions technology


nViso is a leading provider of emo­tion recognition software that interprets human facial micro-expressions and eye movements captured through video. Its solutions use proprietary 3D facial imaging technology with artificial intelligence to track hundreds of different facial points to recognize human emotions. The company uniquely combines the latest advancements in computer science, engineering and behavioral sciences to make automatic emotion recognition a viable reality using any image based device. Its proprietary analytical techniques are based on theoreti­cal work by Dr. Paul Ekman, which demonstrates that emotions can be precisely recognized by minor changes in micro-expressions in the face. nViso is based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzer­land (EPFL)

CEVA DSP Cores Supported

Partnering in Market Solutions

  • Mobile devices
  • Automotive
  • Surveillance systems
  • Camera-enabled devices

Product Offering

3D facial imaging technology is a key component in a new wave of natural user interfaces (NUIs) that can analyze and understand facial movements. A primary use model of the nViso technology is to interpret people’s emotions by tracking hundreds of micro-expressions and movements to gain a more accurate and real-time understanding of the user’s emotional reactions to any media content, gaming or interactive experience. The nViso facial imaging engine is also able to recognize people’s age, gender, eye movements and other factors that can be used to deliver a more personalized experience to users.