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CEVA Complementary IP Partner

Silicon-proven 6.0Gbps PHY IP


Gennum's Snowbush IP Group is exclusively focused on the design and delivery of silicon-proven, high-speed serial interface IP and offers the industry's most robust, widely-deployed, production-tested and customizable family of IP cores for today's most demanding high-speed serial communication protocols and applications.

CEVA DSP Cores Supported


Partnering in Market Solutions

  • SSDs
  • Enterprise Storage

Product Offering

CEVA and Snowbush's integrated offering combines Snowbush silicon-proven 6.0Gbps PHY IP integrated with CEVA’s SAS 2.0 Controller IP, offering the industry’s most mature and feature rich SAS 2.0 IP solution. With ever-increasing requirements for higher performance and higher reliability, the enterprise storage industry is rapidly evolving from parallel SCSI to Serial Attached SCSI. SAS 2.0, which doubles the line rate to 6Gbps compared to the previous generation, has now become the preferred choice for new SAS products designs. By offering a complete, licensable SAS 2.0 solution, CEVA and Snowbush are uniquely positioned to exploit the growing demand for embeddable SAS 2.0 IP, particularly for Solid State Drive (SSD) applications, where CEVA and Snowbush have extensive experience