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CEVA LTE Software Partner



ArrayComm is a provider of LTE and WiMAX physical layer solutions for wireless infrastructure and client device applications. ArrayComm is a world leader in Multi-Antenna Signal processing, delivering commercial A MAS™ software now that combines MIMO, beamforming, and interference cancellation to improve end user experiences and radio network economics through gains in coverage, client data rates, and system capacity. The company’s comprehensive and flexible PHY solutions include optimized DSP software and hardware accelerators that save development costs and time-to-market.

CEVA DSP Cores Supported


Partnering in Market Solutions

  • LTE Infrastracture

Product Offering

ArrayComm's LTE eNodeB PHY is a fully scalable baseband physical layer solution incorporating industry-leading A-MAS™ multi-antenna signal processing software. ArrayComm have implemented their LTE eNodeB PHY on the CEVA-XC DSP core.