Webinar: Using IMUs and Sensor Fusion to Effectively Navigate Consumer Robotics

Robotics is a field that is growing rapidly. In particular, consumer ground-roving robots are becoming mainstream now that they commonly incorporate more intelligent navigation to operate more autonomously. Inertial measurement units (IMUs) are sensors that are essential for achieving precise navigation. IMUs can be used as a primary sensor for navigation or as a complementary … Continued

Using IMUs and Sensor Fusion to Unlock Smarter Motion Sensing

As the world gets smarter and more connected, sensors are becoming more ubiquitous. For motion sensing applications, like robotics, VR/AR, or even attitude monitoring, IMUs are a cost effective solution. But making the raw output from multiple sensors work together to create meaningful information is not as simple as it seems. In this webinar, engineers … Continued

Webinar: Wireless headset technologies and trends – the proliferation of in-ear Active Noise Control

Summary The headset market has seen major advances in recent years. Headsets are becoming truly wireless, smarter, smaller, and provide a heightened user experience. Enriched headset features include integrated voice assistant, advanced audio analytics, and above all enhanced sound experience powered by Active Noise Control (ANC). Flip the switch and you are immersed in Silence. … Continued

Webinar: Enabling mass market ADAS applications using real-time vision systems

As the automotive market experiences accelerated growth and rapid adoption of vision applications such as Camera Monitoring Systems, Smart Rear Cameras, and Driver Monitoring Systems, there is a need for solutions that are both efficient and cost effective to address these applications in high volumes. In addition, these solutions must also allow for Tier-1s to … Continued

Webinar: Voice Interfaces of the Future: Tech That’s Turning Sci-Fi into Reality

This webinar covers the current state and future possibilities of voice interfaces. It surveys the technologies that have enabled current proliferation of voice interfaces but also takes a critical look at the faults and drawbacks of current implementations. Finally, it explores the existing, emerging and future technologies that will eventually generate a revolution in the … Continued

Webinar: How LTE Cat-NB1 (NB-IoT) is Driving Cellular SoC Design Innovation

The 3GPP recently completed the standardization of a new LTE-based narrowband technology to support the emerging needs of cellular-IOT devices. Known as Cat-NB1 (formerly NB-IoT), this new low data rate category will enable the development of ultra-low power, ultra-low cost solutions that can leverage the existing LTE infrastructure for a new wave of connected devices. … Continued

Webinar: 5G NR base-stations redefine the SDR paradigm: How CEVA-XC12 solves the daunting computing and latency challenges of 5G NR

3GPP is currently actively working on 5G New Radio (NR). IMT2020 is defining advanced technology for dramatically increasing network capacity and coverage, in order to answer the ever-increasing demand for higher data rate and traffic with much reduced end to end network latency. Such technology includes wider RF channels in licensed and unlicensed bands up … Continued

Webinar: Deep Learning on Embedded Systems: 7 minutes could save you 7 months or more of hand porting and optimization

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) marches into almost every aspects of our lives, one of the major challenges is bringing this intelligence to small, low-power devices. This requires embedded platforms that can deliver extremely-high Neural Network performance with very low power consumption. However, that’s still not enough. Machine Learning developers need a quick and automated way … Continued