Freespace MotionStudio 2 >> 2.1.2.

Filename: Version: FREESPACE® MOTIONSTUDIO 2 MotionStudio 2 is purpose-built for configuring and evaluating advanced CEVA sensor fusion devices including the BNO08X, FSM30X, and FSP200. It allows developers to easily perform operations on connected devices. Freespace MotionStudio 2 enables: Sensor Control and Logging Visualization of motion with the Virtual Object display Device firmware management, reorientation, … Continued

Freespace MotionStudio 3.9.3

Filename: Freespace-MotionStudio-3.9.3 (1).zip Filesize: 7 MB Version: 3.9.3 Freespace® MotionStudio is an intuitive toolset that provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface to allow developers to accelerate the evaluation of Freespace motion technologies and products. It provides tools for experimenting with Freespace-enabled devices connected to a PC running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Freespace MotionStudio includes: Motion … Continued