CEVA Upgrades NB-IOT Platform – Linley Microprocessor Report

Dragonfly NB2 Implements Cat-NB2 Specification in 3GPP Release 14 By Tom R. Halfhill (July 9, 2018) New ways of enabling machines to wirelessly talk with each other are propagating as fast as blockchain startups. Ceva is staying abreast by introducing Dragonfly NB2, its second-generation platform for Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) communications on cellular networks. Whereas the … Continued

CEVA FIRST TO LAUNCH 802.11AX IP – Linley Microprocessor report

The IEEE’s next-generation 802.11ax Wi-Fi specifications are more than a year from ratification, but (as usual) several wireless-chip vendors have already announced pre-standard products. To enable them, DSP-intellectual-property (DSP-IP) specialist Ceva is offering 802.11ax additions to its RivieraWaves Wi-Fi family. Its new RW-AX-series comprises three models targeting a range of products that spans IoT/wearables, mobile … Continued

Microprocessor Report: CEVA PentaG Adds AI to 5G Baseband

The Linley Group. Neural-Network Engine Optimizes for Variable Channel Conditions. By Mike Demler (March 12, 2018). Ceva’s new PentaG DSP comprises a set of configurable processing blocks that allow designers to build digital basebands implementing the recently ratified 3GPP 5G New Radio (5G-NR) specification…

NB-IoT System and Method for Radio Cell Synchronization – White Paper

Introduction Scope This document describes the narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) radio access technology, and focuses mainly on the primary synchronization process of the NB-IoT in the downlink, which is activated when the user equipment (UE) attempts to receive data from the base station (BS) when it leaves its dormant state and wakes up. When the UE … Continued

CEVA-X2 Product Note for sound – English

Enabling high-performance sound processing applications requiring multi-microphone speech processing and high-quality audio playback. CEVA-X2 is a unified DSP/controller, designed for speech recognition, deep learning sound analytics, and high-end audio processing…