Linley microprocessor report: Ceva XC16 Stays Ahead of 5G Rollout

The XC16 DSP is the first product to implement Ceva’s fourth-generation XC architecture, which includes a new dynamically configurable multicore/multithread feature. The design comprises two eight-way VLIW cores—scalar processors (SPs), in the company’s parlance—along with four vector compute units (VCUs). During run time, it allows software to configure the SPs and VCUs as two symmetric … Continued

CEVA-XC16 Product Note – English

Enabling next generation 5G RAN – world’s strongest vector DSP for cellular baseband applications. CEVA-XC16 is sixth generation vector processor IP from CEVA, designed to bring multi-gigabit high-end communication and cellular capabilities to base-stations, small-cells, gateways, access points and CPEs.

CEVA-BX2 for sound – Product note

A modern, high performance Audio DSP, optimized for far-field noise reduction and Artificial Intelligence speech recognition. CEVA-BX2 designed for intensive Audio applications such as, Voice assistants with multi-microphone beamforming and noise reduction, Speech recognition engines (ASR) for voice trigger and commands, Object based audio rendering and 3D Audio processing, Natural Language Processing (NLP) at the … Continued

CEVA-BX1 for sound – Product note

A modern Audio DSP, designed for battery operated, high-performance, audio and voice applications. CEVA-BX1 is an ultra-low-power Audio DSP, designed for Bluetooth earbuds and headsets using audio over BLE/BTDM, Voice controlled IoT with always-on speech recognition, Sound sensing in wearables, Audio codecs and high quality Audio post processing.

Improving Sensor Fusion Output Efficiency with Arm Helium Technology

As the IoT industry continues to grow and more devices become connected, the amount of data being collected and analyzed grows with it. Smart phones, robot vacuums, wearables, drones, video game controllers, and even automobiles use sensors to give them context in the world they operate. These applications in particular revolve around moving components. And … Continued

Hillcrest Labs MotionEngine Air – Product Brief

As technology enables us to interact and connect with one another, isn’t it time that our interfaces evolved as well? Combined with your choice of inertial sensor, Hillcrest Labs MotionEngine Air software adds precise motion-based pointing, 3D motion tracking, and gesture controls to existing interfaces. These features open up new avenues of intuitive convenience to … Continued

Arm Cortex-M7 Processor in Sensor Fusion

Introduction – Making Sense of the Sensors Everywhere Around Us Embedding sensor technology into products has been a very strong trend in recent years. From smartphones, fitness bands, gaming controllers, smartwatches, head-mounted displays the list of consumer devices with sensors is rapidly expanding. Traditionally we have seen sensors used to track location and movement (e.g. … Continued

Hillcrest Labs MotionEngine – Product Brief

The versatile and broad reaching MotionEngine software system is the product of over 15 years of research and development by Hillcrest Labs. Our deep understanding of sensors is at the core of why MotionEngine delivers best-inclass performance when used with consumer grade sensors. This is achieved through innovations like dynamic sensor calibration, high accuracy 6-axis … Continued