NB-IoT System and Method for Radio Cell Synchronization – White Paper

Introduction Scope This document describes the narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) radio access technology, and focuses mainly on the primary synchronization process of the NB-IoT in the downlink, which is activated when the user equipment (UE) attempts to receive data from the base station (BS) when it leaves its dormant state and wakes up. When the UE … Continued

PentaG™ AI Processor for CSI Reporting in 5G NR – White Paper

Introduction Challenges toward 5G NR Release 15 Compared to previous LTE releases, 5G NR introduces a significant increase in the throughput, latency, and number of users, as well as in the connection density. Because 5G NR is targeted at supporting the entire frequency band, from low band in UHF up to 100 GHz, a number … Continued

Wireless Baseband Evolution – Multiple Design Approaches for 4G Mpdems

The evolution of 4G wireless baseband indicates there are two evolving technologies that are currently competing for the leading position; namely LTE and WiMAX. WiMAX has emerged as the technology of choice for computing devices and M2M, as well as for fixed wireless connections in underdeveloped areas. It is promoted by the WiMAX forum, led by Intel and other companies. LTE … Continued