CEVA-XM4 Sharpens Computer Vision – Microprocessor Report

New Ceva-XM4 DSP Core Adds FPUs and 32/64-Bit Vectorsץ By Tom R. Halfhill (April 27, 2015)ץ As more machines gain the gift of sight, engineers are rediscovering a principle long known to biologists: vision is equally a sensory perception and a cerebral function. The eyes see, but the brain interprets and reacts. Thus, process-ing power … Continued

Microprocessor Report – CEVA-TeakLite4 Illuminates Roadmap

MOST SIGNIFICANT BITS. CEVA TEAKLITE-4 ILLUMINATES ROADMAP J. Scott Gardner (April 16, 2012). Hot on the heels of introducing its XC4000 family (see MPR 3/5/12, “Ceva Exposes DSP Six Pack”), Ceva has lifted the curtain on another new family of DSP cores. Speaking at the Linley Tech Mobile Conference, the company announced its new TeakLite-4 architecture and provided details about … Continued

CEVA Targets Wearables – IP Platform Provides Main Elements for Always-On Devices

By Linley Gwennap (May 5, 2014). Today’s wearable devices get by with smartphone processors or microcontrollers, but more-successful de-vices will require processors custom-designed for this application. To jumpstart that design process, Ceva an-nounced a collection of useful IP at last week’s Linley Tech Mobile Conference. This integrated platform supports always-on functions and low-power connectivity, two … Continued