CEVA-XM4 Imaging and Vision DSP Named Best Processor IP of 2015 – Microprocessor report

ANALYSTS’ CHOICE WINNERS FOR 2015. Recognizing the Best Chips and Technology of the Past Year. By The Linley Group (January 18, 2016). To recognize the top semiconductor offerings of the year, The Linley Group presents its 2015 Analysts’ Choice Awards. These awards span several categories: embedded processors, mobile processors, PC and server processors, processor-IP (intellectual property) cores, and related technology. We … Continued

CEVA-XM4 Sharpens Computer Vision – Microprocessor Report

New Ceva-XM4 DSP Core Adds FPUs and 32/64-Bit Vectorsץ By Tom R. Halfhill (April 27, 2015)ץ As more machines gain the gift of sight, engineers are rediscovering a principle long known to biologists: vision is equally a sensory perception and a cerebral function. The eyes see, but the brain interprets and reacts. Thus, process-ing power … Continued

Microprocessor Report – CEVA-TeakLite4 Illuminates Roadmap

MOST SIGNIFICANT BITS. CEVA TEAKLITE-4 ILLUMINATES ROADMAP J. Scott Gardner (April 16, 2012). Hot on the heels of introducing its XC4000 family (see MPR 3/5/12, “Ceva Exposes DSP Six Pack”), Ceva has lifted the curtain on another new family of DSP cores. Speaking at the Linley Tech Mobile Conference, the company announced its new TeakLite-4 architecture and provided details about … Continued

CEVA Targets Wearables – IP Platform Provides Main Elements for Always-On Devices

By Linley Gwennap (May 5, 2014). Today’s wearable devices get by with smartphone processors or microcontrollers, but more-successful de-vices will require processors custom-designed for this application. To jumpstart that design process, Ceva an-nounced a collection of useful IP at last week’s Linley Tech Mobile Conference. This integrated platform supports always-on functions and low-power connectivity, two … Continued