Webinar: Wireless headset technologies and trends – the proliferation of in-ear Active Noise Control

Summary The headset market has seen major advances in recent years. Headsets are becoming truly wireless, smarter, smaller, and provide a heightened user experience. Enriched headset features include integrated voice assistant, advanced audio analytics, and above all enhanced sound experience powered by Active Noise Control (ANC). Flip the switch and you are immersed in Silence. … Continued

CEVA Upgrades NB-IOT Platform – Linley Microprocessor Report

Dragonfly NB2 Implements Cat-NB2 Specification in 3GPP Release 14 By Tom R. Halfhill (July 9, 2018) New ways of enabling machines to wirelessly talk with each other are propagating as fast as blockchain startups. Ceva is staying abreast by introducing Dragonfly NB2, its second-generation platform for Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) communications on cellular networks. Whereas the … Continued