Hillcrest Labs MotionEngine SmartTV – Product Brief

Designed to utilize natural motion, MotionEngine SmartTV libraries give users the freedom to control and interact with devices and screens in an intuitive way. Moving controllers in 3D space to control a 2D screen is intuitive and relaxing thanks to our patented orientation compensation. Pointing and clicking speeds up interactions with grid based menus and … Continued

Hillcrest Labs MotionEngine Robotics – Product Brief

As the world becomes more connected, automated robots allow for an extra layer of ease and efficiency at home and in industrial applications. And the key to those applications is precise heading. If a robot doesn’t move where it’s designed to, it can’t perform it’s tasks effectively. With robotic-specific algorithms like low-drift heading, Interactive Calibration, … Continued

Hillcrest Labs MotioneEngine Mobile – Product Brief

Freespace® MotionEngine™ Mobile is a software package which delivers high performance, low power, and sensor independent motion processing for Smartphones and Tablets. Individual sensor data is transformed through advanced calibration and sophisticated sensor fusion into application ready data which powers motion apps including context awareness, advanced gaming, augmented reality, and even pedestrian navigation.

CEVA Demo ClearVox and WhisPro

CEVA’s sound enhancement algortithms engineer, Ofer Shahen Tov, demonstrate the company’s new software package including the ClearVox™ package for Front-end voice pickup with Noise reduction and with Acoustic echo cancellation. Then he demonstrates the WhisPro™ Speech recognition SDKit.

Linley microprocessor report: Ceva SensPro Fuses AI and Vector DSP

Applications Include Smart IoT Devices, Drones, and Small Robots By Mike Demler (April 20, 2020) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. Ceva’s new SensPro gives designers a versatile and highly configurable set of licensable intellectual-property (IP) cores for scalar and vector signal processing as well as neural-network acceleration. The company designed SensPro, which it introduced at the recent Linley Spring … Continued

CEVA SensPro – Product Note – English

World’s First High Performance Sensor Hub DSP Architecture SensPro™ is designed to serve as a hub for processing and fusing of data from multiple sensors including camera, Radar, LiDAR, Time-of-Flight, microphones and inertial measurement units, for contextually-aware devices.

Linley microprocessor report: Ceva XC16 Stays Ahead of 5G Rollout

The XC16 DSP is the first product to implement Ceva’s fourth-generation XC architecture, which includes a new dynamically configurable multicore/multithread feature. The design comprises two eight-way VLIW cores—scalar processors (SPs), in the company’s parlance—along with four vector compute units (VCUs). During run time, it allows software to configure the SPs and VCUs as two symmetric … Continued

CEVA-XC16 Product Note – English

Enabling next generation 5G RAN – world’s strongest vector DSP for cellular baseband applications. CEVA-XC16 is sixth generation vector processor IP from CEVA, designed to bring multi-gigabit high-end communication and cellular capabilities to base-stations, small-cells, gateways, access points and CPEs.