The CEVA M2M reference platform helps accelerate the design of low-data-rate machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT communication applications that use the CEVA-XC5.

The multifunction platform is architected around CEVA-XC DSP cores, together with the hardware and software components required to design machine-type communications (MTC) systems rapidly. The platform supports existing and emerging LTE MTC releases (Cat-1, Cat-0, Cat-M1) and LPWAN standards (for example, NB-IoT, EC-GPRS, LoRa, Sigfox, Ingenu), as well as Wi-Fi 802.11n, GNSS, or any other IoT-related communication standards for deployed for M2M communication.

The M2M reference platform offers system developers a flexibility that enables optimal hardware/software system partitioning, and combines a low-power vector communication DSP with a range of hardware coprocessors. This partitioning provides the software with the flexibility essential to the upgradability and long service life of typical M2M devices, and delivers the power efficiency required to support an extended battery life of up to ten years.

Typical use cases include connected cars, combining LTE-Cat-1/Cat-0 or legacy 2G/3G with GNSS, asset tracking, and smart grid nodes. The system can also be used to support a combination of communication technologies, including PLC (G3, IEEE1901.2, Prime), 802.15.4g (WiSUN), and WiFi 802.11n.



Accelerates and simplifies the design of CEVA-XC5-based communications, especially those intended for IoT use

Highly integrated multifunction platform
Flexible for optimal hardware/software partitioning
Simple combination of multiple communication protocols

Main Features

  • CEVA-XC5 DSP-based hardware platform
  • Multiple communication protocols integrated into software IP
  • Software platform with extensive libraries and drivers