The FSP200 integrates Hillcrest’s high-performance sensor hub software stack into a low-power 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 MCU. Additionally, it includes specialty algorithms designed for use in robotic navigation applications.

Our Interactive Calibration utilizes state information from the robot itself to adjust the output accuracy of the FSP200. Turn-table calibration adjusts for the scale error of the gyroscope with an easy to implement simple factory setup.

With these features, this small, turn-key component benefits developers and integrators through faster time-to-market, reductions in development time, reduced BOM cost, and the highest precision and quality.


The FSP200 is a powerful sensor hub with algorithms focused on land-roving robotics applications.

Use 6-axis sensors from a variety of leading manufacturers to reduce BOM cost and provide overall project flexibility
Improve system performance with the FSP200’s specialized interactive calibration algorithm designed to deliver exceptional heading accuracy for ground-roving robotics
Take advantage of the tilt sensing accuracy to seamlessly navigate various floor types and avoid getting stuck

Main Features

  • MotionEngine™ 6-Axis Sensor Fusion
  • Choose your sensor from a list of leading manufacturers to reduce BOM cost
    • Accelerometer capabilities to detect bumps and tilt
  • Dynamic Calibration adjusts for accelerometer and gyroscope bias changes over factors like time and temperature
  • Interactive Calibration works with your robot’s status to improve sensor performance
  • Simple Factory Calibration enables per-device Z-axis calibration with a simple turn-table design
  • Tilt independent heading overcomes effects of the environment like inclines, obstacles, or rough terrain while maintaining accuracy
  • Simplified UART Interface for easy integration




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