The FSM-9 is a high performance fully calibrated 9-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) / attitude heading reference system (AHRS). It includes a tri-axial accelerometer, a tri-axial gyroscope, a tri-axial magnetometer and a 32-bit MCU in a rugged enclosure. By fusing the output of these sensors with the onboard  MotionEngine™ software, the FSM-9 provides precise real-time 3D orientation, heading, calibrated acceleration and calibrated angular velocity, as well as more advanced outputs such as cursor. The 9-axis motion output is unmatched in performance at any price point and is ideal for use in HMDs, Virtual Reality systems, and a variety of other applications.




With a rugged housing and USB-ready support, the FSM-9 is a simple way to add 9-axis motion data to your prototype in a broad range of applications

Ensure easy mounting and environmental protection with rugged plastic housing
Accelerate evaluation and prototyping with USB and additional SPI interface connectivity
Achieve the highest sensor performance with per-device 3D-calibration

Main Features

  • MotionEngine™ 9-axis Sensor Fusion
  • USB interface for immediate testing with SPI capability
  • Battery Operable in a compact and robust enclosure
  • Calibration
    • Dynamic Sensor Calibration adjusts for accelerometer and gyroscope bias changes over factors like time and temperature
    • Per-device 3D calibrated for the highest performance
  • AR/VR Stabilization removes jarring output corrections in AR/VR applications
  • Activity Classification for OnTable, Stable, and Active (in motion)
  • Magnetic Interference Rejection algorithms designed to ignore sudden changes in magnetic field
  • Ruggedize enclosured


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