Self-contained IP Platform for Root-of-Trust and embedded security in Chiplets and SoCs

FortrixTM is a self-contained, feature-rich IP platform which provides Root-of-Trust and cybersecurity features to chiplet based systems and standard SoCs.  It’s unique combination of hardware and firmware provides NSA Suite-B and CNSA levels of performance with low power and low latency.  Secure Boot, Root of Trust, Encryption/Decryption, Secure Communications, and Secure Firmware Update are among the features currently provided.   CEVA has customized its embedded security IP to meet the needs of chiplet based designs establishing a secure channel between Host and Companion chiplets to allow secure message passing, authentication, attestation, and firmware download.  Take together, these features provide protection against a variety of threat vectors including; firmware copying/tampering, chiplet counterfeiting and chiplet disabling/modifying.


Complete chiplet level security paradigm
Digital hardware leads to rapid encryption/decryption
Customizable firmware allows application level tailoring

Main Features

  • NSA Suite-B and CNSA
  • Key hardware blocks of Fortrix include:
    • RISC-V processor
    • Secure bus fabric
    • DMA controller
    • SRAM controller
    • AES encryption/decryption controller
    • SHA256 controller
    • Public Key Accelerator (PKA) w/ ECDSA 256/384
    • SPI controller w/ flash support
    • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  • A low level API is provided along with a sample application so the IP can be quickly and efficiently customized.

Block Diagram

Fortrix Block Diagram

Resources and Downloads