CEVA, in partnership with ASTRI, has designed a complete NB-IoT IP solution that can serve a wide range of applications.
The CEVA-Dragonfly NB1 pre-integrates together a CEVA-X1 processor, an optimized RF, a baseband, and a protocol software to offer a complete Release 13 Cat-NB1 modem IP solution that reduces time-to-market and lowers entry barriers.
The CEVA-Dragonfly NB1 is a fully software-configurable solution that can be extended seamlessly with GNSS and sensor fusion functionality.
It includes a reference silicon of the complete modem design, including an embedded CMOS RF transceiver, an advanced digital front-end, physical layer software, and a third party NB-IoT protocol stack (MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, and NAS).

CEVA Dragonfly NB1 Applications


Fully integrated silicon reference design for NB-IoT and GNSS, lets customers focus on development and integration of application level software and use-case specific workloads with pre-integrated NB-IoT modem

Reduces time-to-market and lowers entry barriers
Single-processor, software-configurable solution is guaranteed futureproof for LTE Release 13 updates and Release 14
Allows addition of GNSS and Sensor Fusion workloads

Main Features

  • Software components:
    • M2M Service Layer
    • NB-IoT Release 13 UE protocol stack
    • L1 control and physical layer (PHY)
    • Encryption and PHY NB-IoT libraries
    • RTOS & drivers
    • Third party NB-IoT protocol stack
    • NB-IoT protocol stack and PHY upgradable to Release 14 and to Cat-M1
    • GNSS software, includes all four satellite constellations: GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo
  • Hardware components:
    • NB-IoT digital front-end
    • CEVA-X1 processor with NB-IoT dedicated instructions
    • Peripherals
    • SoC Infrastructure
    • NB-IoT RF transceiver: analog and RF embedded CMOS RF receiver and transmitter, LNA, PA, DC-DC, DCXO

Block Diagram

CEVA-Dragonfly NB1 HW/SW IP Solution Diagram
CEVA-Dragonfly NB1 Hardware/Software IP Solution Diagram


CEVA Dragonfly NB1 Hardware Architecture Diagram
CEVA-Dragonfly NB1 Hardware Architecture Diagram

CEVA & ASTRI joint NB-IoT demo

First shown at the CEVA technology Symposium 2017 Asia, in Shenzhen on October 25, 2017 this is a demo of a fully integrated system IP solution for NB-IoT, also known as LTE narrowband IoT.