WhisPro is a neural network based speech recognition software package, allowing customers to add voice activation to voice-enabled IoT devices. WhisPro™ is targeting the rapidly growing use of voice as a primary human interface for intelligent cloud-based services and edge devices.

WhisPro provides an always-listening multi-trigger phrase capability, allowing users of smartphones, smart speakers, Bluetooth® earbuds and other voice-enabled devices to interact with cloud-based voice assistant services as well as allowing voice activation for edge device.


WhisPro is optimized for always listening devices, enabled by a wake-up trigger phrase

High recognition rate of more than 95% without the need for cloud connectivity
Scalable RNN speech AI technology supports simultaneous multi trigger phrases
Built-in noise immunity for improved user experience in noisy environments

Main Features

  • Customized trigger phrase service to enable voice control for a range of use cases and end markets
  • Speaker independent, pronunciation agnostic, and support multiple languages
  • Operates in tandem with CEVA’s ClearVox front-end voice processing software technology for a complete voice activation solution
  • The WhisPro SDKit provides guidelines and tools to integrate and test the WhisPro technology in a target system
  • WhisPro is available exclusively for CEVA’s sound DSPs

Block Diagram

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