High Performance Scalable Sensor Hub DSP Architecture

SensPro2™ is the highly-scalable and enhanced 2nd generation high performance sensor hub DSP for multitasking sensing and AI of multiple sensors including camera, Radar, LiDar, Time-of-Flight, microphones and inertial measurement units.
SensPro2 family is designed to handle multiple sensor processing workload for contextually aware devices and can be utilized in modern intelligent systems in automotive, robotics, surveillance, AR/VR, voice assistants, wearables, mobile and smart home devices.

SensPro2 is a highly-configurable and self-contained architecture that brings together scalar and vector processing for floating point and integer data types, as well as deep learning inferencing.
The 2nd generation SensPro DSP family includes 7 self-contained cores, addressing a wider range of sensor fusion and AI applications:

  • The SP100 and SP50 DSPs, with 128 and 64 INT8 MACS, respectively. These DSPs offer the smallest die size and deliver a 10X performance improvement for DeepSpeech2 speech recognition neural network, compared to the CEVA-BX2 scalar DSP, and are ideal for audio AI workloads, such as conversational assistants, sound analytics, and natural language processing (NLP).
  • The SP1000, SP500 and SP250 DSPs with 1024, 512, and 256 INT8 MACs, respectively. These DSPs offer the highest performance and precision in the SensPro2 family, with optimal configurability for computer vision, SLAM, Radar, and AI workloads.
  • The SPF4 and SPF2 floating point DSPs, with 64 and 32 single precision floating point MACs, respectively. These DSPs are optimized for electric vehicle powertrain control and battery management systems, complemented by a full suite of Eigen Linear Algebra, MATLAB vector libraries and support for the Glow graph compiler.

SensPro2 maximizes performance-per-watt for multi-sensor processing use cases by utilizing a combination of high performance single and half precision floating point math, point cloud creation and Deep Neural Network processing, along with parallel processing capacity for voice, imaging, and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM).

SensPro2 platform approach is paired with advanced software and development tools that include LLVM C/C++ compiler, Eclipse based integrated development environment, CEVA Deep Neural Network (CDNN) graph compiler for neural networks including the CDNN-Invite API for inclusion of custom AI engines, TensorFlow Lite Micro support, OpenVX API, and a multitude of software libraries for OpenCL, CEVA-CV imaging functions and CEVA-SLAM SDK.
These broad set of software and development tools help to minimize cost and improve time to market.


SensPro2 is a high performance sensor hub architecture, allowing it to address the processing and fusing of data from multiple sensors for contextually-aware devices. It is a highly configurable architecture that support the data-processing of various sensors in devices that need high performance and ultra-low power consumption.

Self-contained, specialized sensor hub on-device processor that unifies multi-sensor processing with AI and sensor fusion in a unified solution
Seven highly configurable cores for different computation needs of various applications, ranging from 0.2 TOPS up to 3.2 TOPS
Multi-Tasking support to switch between AI and DSP sensor processing tasks

Main Features

  • Self-contained, high-performance sensor hub processor family
  • Unifies multi-sensor processing with AI and sensor fusion
  • 8-way VLIW architecture
  • State-of-the-art micro architecture that combines Scalar and Vector Processing Units
  • Application-specific ISA extensions for radar, audio, computer vision and SLAM
  • ASIL-B Automotive safety compliant with ASIL-D support
  • Advanced set of software libraries and development tools
  • CEVA-BX scalar processor for control code execution
  • Up to 1024 integer (8x8) MACs
  • Up to 64 Single Precision and 128 Half Precision floating-point MACs
  • Support for Binary Neural Networks

Block Diagram


Second-Generation Sensor Hubs Target Automotive, IoT, and Wearables

SensoPro2 adds more base configurations and new design options to Ceva’s sensor-fusion-DSP lineup. Like the first-generation SensPro from 2020, the licensable intellectual property (IP) implements a configurable sensor hub, fusing elements from the company’s BX2 DSPs, XM6 computer-vision engine, and NeuPro deep-learning accelerators (DLAs). Compared with first generation designs manufactured in the same process technology, SensPro2 delivers twice the AI inference throughput and twice the memory bandwidth when running fully connected neuralnetwork layers.