Front-end voice processing software package providing enhanced speech intelligibility for voice-enabled devices

ClearVox™ is a software suite of advanced voice input processing algorithms aimed to enhance voice clarity in any voice-enabled device.

Voice has become the primary user interface for services such as cloud-based conversational assistants and voice activated IoT, and it requires a clean voice signal in any given environment to ensure accuracy and intelligibility by smart speakers, Bluetooth speakers, headsets, mobile phones, wearables, infotainment and smart home systems.

ClearVox is leveraging CEVA’s vast experience in audio and voice processing and incorporates advanced algorithms that cope with different acoustic scenarios and microphone configurations, including optimized software for speaker direction of arrival, multi-mic beamforming, noise suppression, and acoustic echo cancellation.



Software suite of advanced voice input algorithms for CEVA sound DSPs, targeting smart voice activated devices. Significantly reduces barrier-to-entry for voice-enabled device makers

Configurable and modular to allow customization for silicon vendor and OEM to address specific product needs such as number of mics, mics geometry and echo tail.
Provides 12dB SNR improvement, far field voice pick-up of up to 10 meters and enables barge-in during music playback.
Unique software architecture to minimize computation workload for efficient cost & power

Main Features

  • ClearVox incorporates multiple algorithms such as SW VAD (Voice Activity Detection), direction of arrival, beamforming, noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation
  • ClearVox software suite is available in two packages:
    • ClearVox Universal – targeted for smart home, wearable and automotive
    • ClearVox Headset – optimized for headset applications
  • The accompanying SDK is available for customers to configure and adopt ClearVox to their unique product specifications, such as number and geometry of microphones, echo tail length and more.
  • ClearVox operates in tandem with WhisPro, offering a complete CEVA DSP-based software solution for speech recognition
    • Providing state of the art noise reduction and AEC for barge in capability
    • Ensured to work together with minimal computational resources and power consumption with high recognition rate in noisy environments in near-field and far-field scenarios
  • ClearVox is available for CEVA’s DSPs: CEVA-BX1, CEVA-BX2 and SensPro family, as well as Arm CPUs

Block Diagram

MWC Barcelona 2018 CEVA ClearVox demo

Far Field Voice Controlled smart speaker reference design

Youval Nachum