Student for SDT Integration & Automation Department
Herzelia, Israel
Job Description

CEVA-Toolbox™ is a complete software environment and tool-chain for programming high-performance applications running on CEVA’s world leading DSP cores.

Development & debugging requirements:

Development of C/C++ applications for software development tools qualification.

Investigation and debug of complex customer scenarios in the DSP tool chain using advanced debug techniques (watch points, profiling, memory analysis and trace analysis)

Executing automatic tests, analyzing results and pin-pointing problems.

Maintenance and design of automatic infrastructures for CEVA-Toolbox™ SDT, all automation environments are developed in-house with various programming languages (C/C++, C#, Perl, Python).

Applications drivers for running automatic testing suites, results gathering and analysis

Distributed test system for executing tasks with hundreds of clients in parallel

Automatic tests generators

Various scripts for data analysis, batch processing and report generation.


The position requires strong technical and problem solving skills, self-learning ability, dedication and teamwork.



1st year graduate in computer science (3 years’ degree), or 1st/2nd year graduate of software engineering (4 years’ degree), or 1st year in M.A of computer science

from the following academic institutes:

Tel- Aviv, Bar Ilan, Technion, Hebrew, Beer Sheva and the Tel-Aviv academic college

Grades: Tel Aviv-82+, Bar-Ilan-85+, Technion-80+, Hebrew-82+, Beer Sheva-82+, Tel-Aviv Academic College-85+


  • Good knowledge of C/C++ – must
  • Experience with Perl, Python – strong advantage
  • Object oriented design – advantage
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