Student for SDT Integration & Automation Department
Herzelia, Israel
Job Description
CEVA-Toolbox™ is a complete software environment and tool-chain for programming high-performance applications running on CEVA’s world leading DSP cores. Maintenance and design of automatic infrastructures for CEVA-Toolbox™ SDT, all automation environments are developed in-house with various programming languages (C/C++, C#, Perl, Python).
  • Applications drivers for running automatic testing suites, results gathering and analysis
  • Distributed test system for executing tasks with hundreds of clients in parallel
  • Automatic tests generators
  • Various scripts for data analysis, batch processing and report generation.
  • Development & debugging requirements:
  • Development of C/C++ applications for software development tools qualification.
  • Investigation and debug of complex customer scenarios in the DSP tool chain using advanced debug techniques (watch points, profiling, memory analysis and trace analysis)
  • Executing automatic tests, analyzing results and pin-pointing problems.


The position requires strong technical and problem solving skills, self-learning ability, dedication and teamwork.
  •  BSc / MSc Student in Computer Science / Computer Engineering.
  • GPA 80 and up, minimum 3 semesters before graduation. 
  • Good knowledge of C/C++ – must
  • Experience with Perl, Python – strong advantage
  • Object oriented design – advantage
  • Ability to work 20-25 weekly hours
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