Machine Learning & Computer Vision Developer
Herzelia, Israel
Vision Business Unit
Job Description

The Vision Business Unit (VBU) is a small and dedicated group in CEVA. We offer our customers the most specialized cores and algorithms to run any Computer Vision based application, including Machine Learning and Neural Networks. Areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality push us to deal with cutting edge technologies that our customers’ near future products require. The solutions are related to variety of markets such as Automotive, Smartphones, Drones, Surveillance and more.

Your role in the VBU will be to deal with the product through all of its development phases – starting from the idea, going through exploration, proof of concept, PC implementation, embedded and RT optimizations, and even visiting the relevant customers. As part of our tasks in the VBU we are required to integrate our solution to work in an integrative environments such as CPU, host processors, or SoC, and to develop interconnections and infrastructures between the core and the relevant entities in the system.   You will need the ability to analyze state of the art algorithms in order to map them to existing hardware. By joining our group, you will get the opportunity to develop innovative algorithms, experience both high‑level and low‑level code development, become familiar with parallel computing on vector processors, and understand the requirements of the most demanding markets in the Computer Vision area

Developing and implementing SW for machine learning and computer vision, to be used on embedded DSP platforms


Education: B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering from one of the following:

Tel- Aviv, Bar Ilan, Haifa, Technion, Hebrew, Beer Sheva

Experience: 2-5 years of experience in Computer Vision

Knowledge in: C, C++, Matlab, image processing, computer vision.

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