Field Application Engineer
Mountain View, CA
Job Description

CEVA is looking for an experienced and highly motivated customer-oriented Field application Engineer to join a fast-growing team.

Here in CEVA, we are developing state of the art DSP ASIC projects in A.I, Vision, Wireless and Base-stations area. Our Field Application Engineers are responsible both supporting our customers and partners, and keeping track of the entire scope of customer’s information – organization wide.

You will be based in our Mountain View office and this position requires cooperation and interaction with CEVA’s R&D departments, and Customer Solutions Group located within the US and abroad.  As well as customers to emphasize the technical value of CEVA’s products during pre-sales and facilitate customer’s integration and use of CEVA’s products post-sales.

Following are some of the key responsibilities:

  • Promote CEVA DSP and AI products by highlighting their technical merits, by answering customers questions, and by driving technical evaluations at existing customers and prospects,
  • Understand Customer’s technical needs, and identify the right technology/solution to meet and exceed the Customer’s expectations.
  • Drive Customer evaluations by aligning internally with CEVA’s Sales and R&D.
  • Post-Sale: assist Customers with integration of CEVA’s IP, provide technical training, and advise on CEVA’s products for their optimal utilization.
  • Help and join the local sales team in penetrating new accounts and identifying potential customers.
  • Build and develop relationships with existing and potential customer’s technical teams and technical management staff.
The best match...
  • Education: BS/MS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering (BSEE, MSEE) or related fields
  • Team player with a professional and positive attitude.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, a good listener, and good interpersonal skills.
  • Passionate about technical challenges, with a business and customer mindset and a high degree of enthusiasm and energy.
  • Self-driven, independent, problem solver, and assertive. Can drive issues to closure with little to no supervision.
  • 5+ year experience in Embedded Processor (CPU or DSP) designs, architecture, and micro -architecture development.
  • Familiarity with commonly used DSP algorithms.
  • Understanding AI architectures for at-the-edge applications.


Experience in any of the following is a plus:

  • Already developed Customer-facing skills.
  • Prior experience in DSP architecture from companies such   TI, ADI, Tensilica, ARM, ARC.
  • Knowledge of DSP applications (e.g. Cellular, Voice & Audio, Computer Vision)
  • Good understanding of bus interface standards (e.g. AXI), hierarchical memory architectures (multi-level caches) and co-processor /accelerators interfaces.
  • Knowledge in Machine Learning (inference design, optimization, tool chain).
  • General DSP/ASIC/SoC Design knowledge and experience.
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