Audio QA & Integration Student
Herzelia, Israel
Audio & Voice
Job Description
  • Execution & development of Testing scripts (c, python, MS batch, linux bash, Matlab)
  • Testing of hardware-software systems (drivers, development boards)
  • Involvement in development of software modules (linux, standalone c, python, matlab)


  • Computer Science \ Communication \ Software Engineering student at an acknowledged University (Technion 80+, TAU, BGU, Hebrew 85+, Bar Ilan 90+)
  • Minimum of 2 years to graduation
  • Completed Introduction to programming, data structures, Introduction to Operating systems courses or equivalent.


  • None required


  • Familiarity with c\c++ programming languages
  • Familiarity with python programming language
  • Familiarity with Matlab environment
  • Familiarity with Tensorflow, PyTorch
  • Familiarity with Linux operating system
  • Familiarity with development boards (Arduino, Pi, etc.)
  • Familiarity with deep learning frameworks (tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch)
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