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CEVA’s DSP Cores for Femtocells, Picocells, Microcells, and Macrocells

The massive adoption of smartphones and mobile computing devices, combined with the adoption of LTE-based networks, has resulted in an exponential growth in demand for data services. In order to accommodate evolving requirements, the wireless infrastructure is transforming from primarily using tower base-stations into the massive use of smaller wireless cells, including femtocells and picocells. These significantly offload data traffic from the networks’ larger cells and backhaul, and enable support for higher-speed data services for more users.

In telecommunications, a femtocell is a small cellular base-station, usually designed for use in a home or small business. A picocell typically covers only a limited area, such as in-building (offices, shopping malls, train stations, etc.) and, more recently, in-aircraft. A microcell is a cell in a mobile phone network served by a low-power cellular base-station (tower), covering a limited area such as a mall, a hotel, or a transportation hub.

CEVA is the world's leading licensor of programmable Digital Signal Processor (DSP) cores. CEVA provides networking and telecommunications semiconductor vendors a broad range of solutions for applications spanning femtocells to macrocells. To better serve the base-station market, CEVA provides a portfolio of application-specific DSPs offering the highest flexibility and performance, along with associated subsystems, reference architectures, a comprehensive suite of optimized library functions, and a complete development environment.

CEVA’s application-specific offerings for wireless base-stations, from femtocells to macrocells

2G/3G/4G wireless baseband (GSM/WCDMA/HSPA/LTE/LTE-A):


  • A true SDR platform supporting all wireless communication standards in software, providing complete flexibility for wireless base-stations
  • Available with a complete set of communication library functions, including LTE FDD, LTE TDD and HSPA/+
  • Supported by the CEVA-XCnet ecosystem, including software IP, modeling and tools, RTOS, and complementary IP
  • Designed into a complete reference architecture for femtocells and base-stations

CEVAnet Partners

To further reduce the cost, complexity, and risk in bringing products to market, CEVA has established an ecosystem of partners who provide reference designs, complementary IP, design services, and complete solutions based on CEVA’s DSP cores and Platform Solutions. Visit our CEVAnet Partners page for more information.