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CEVA Image Processing Software Partner

Mobile imaging solutions


Visidon is a leading software vendor for mobile imaging. It specializes in innovative technology and solution development helping device manufacturers and service providers to create unique imaging experience. Visidon's well known technologies for facial image analysis, object tracking and recognition are designed for embedded and mobile platforms being optimized for low computing and energy efficiency.

Visidon is expert in developing image processing algorithms and computer vision technologies. Its software has been successfully deployed in handsets and tablet products worldwide helping device makers to differentiate with excellent imaging functionalities. New Visidon solutions for computational photography and image enhancement bring mobile image quality to totally new level and enable applications to entertain and make it easier for users to capture and enjoy great photos.

CEVA DSP Cores Supported

Partnering in Market Solutions

  • Mobile devices
  • Smart electronics and entertainment devices

Product Offering

Visidon offers SDK products for various imaging applications, like face detection and tracking, smile and blink detection, age and gender recognition, face recognition, and face beautification that are technologies enabled by Visidon VDFaceSDK products. In addition to facial image processing software, Visidon offer SDKs for other camera and video solutions, such as object tracking, shake detection and low-light image capturing, for example. Visidon's super fast and energy efficient software solutions are optimal for wide range of application with high requirements.