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CEVA's SATA and SAS Controller IP Provide High Performance Throughput with Reduced Processor Loading

In today’s digital world, the demand for storage is ever increasing. Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) continue to ramp up capacity for bulk storage. Also, dramatic advances continue to be made in the cost, capacity, performance, reliability and security of FLASH-based Solid State Drives (SSDs). Such advances are driving SSDs towards mass adoption as the active storage medium in diverse markets from enterprise servers to portable computing platforms such as tablets, netbooks and laptops.

With SSDs in particular, the performance potential of the FLASH medium has already exceeded the capabilities of 3Gbps Serial ATA (SATA2), with SATA3 running at 6Gbps now the norm for new SATA-enabled designs.

Serial ATA remains the storage interconnect for the mass market. For mission-critical applications, however, SCSI protocol is often preferred over its ATA counterpart. In many products, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is the solution of choice. Currently, 6Gbps SAS2.0 dominates, but there is already strong demand from product designers to move to 12Gbps SAS.

Driven by numerous news stories concerning stolen or leaked data, data security in storage systems has reached a new level of importance. The complexities of managing data encryption in large enterprises is in turn encouraging the adoption of Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs) using advanced AES encryption engines built into the drive hardware. Closely integrating such AES engines with the SATA / SAS interface can minimize latency and thereby improve performance.

To better serve designer requirements for storage connectivity, CEVA provides a portfolio of IP platform solutions offering the highest flexibility and performance. With a strong focus on providing high throughput performance while minimizing processor loading, the CEVA Storage Interface solutions are ideal for integrating SATA (Host and Device) and SAS (Initiator and Target) into next generation products.

CEVA offerings for serial storage Interface solutions 

Serial ATA Controller for Host and Device:

CEVA-SATA Platform

Serial Attached SCSI Controller for Initiator and Target:

CEVA-SAS Platform

CEVAnet Partners

To further reduce the cost, complexity, and risk in bringing products to market, CEVA has established an ecosystem of partners who provide reference designs, complementary IP, design services, and complete solutions based on CEVA’s DSP cores and Platform Solutions. Visit our CEVAnet Partners page for more information