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CEVA Software / Algorithm Partner

Voice Recognition


Rubidium Ltd. is a leading developer of Speech Processing solutions that cover the entire spectrum of voice dialog systems: input, output and interaction. Rubidium’s development team is made up of expert DSP engineers and sound professionals. With over seventeen years experience in the market, we are constantly innovating and raising the bar in areas such as speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), speech compression and storage, biometric speaker identification/verification, beamforming and handsfree voice-trigger features. We take great pride in helping OEMs and product designers provide their customers with a reliable, accurate, hands-free and productive user experience. Our low cost, small footprint, multi-lingual Voice User Interface (VUI) solutions enable consumer and mobile product developers to introduce the sleekest user-friendly products to market, while ensuring a quick development cycle and keeping their BOM as low as possible.
Rubidium’s software has been optimized to leverage the power and flexibility of the TeakLite DSP family, delivering outstanding performance for any advanced, voice-enabled application

CEVA DSP Cores Supported

  • TeakLite-4
  • TeakLite-III
  • TeakLite-II
  • TeakLite

Partnering in Market Solutions

  • Mobile Devices
  • Automotive

Product Offering

Rubidium’s speech processing technologies, developed in-house by a team of experts with years of hands-on scientific and industry experience, are available as optimized software libraries. The following are some of Rubidium's core technology offerings:

Automatic Speech Recognition – Small vocabulary, multi-lingual, command-and-control technology to easily and safely control any set of functions through voice commands. For example: call acceptance/rejection, device setup and installation procedure (pairing/calibration/interconnection, etc.), music streaming control, machine operation, handsfree lever/switch/keypad replacement, etc.

Text to Speech - Announces textual content such as names, numbers and phrases in a range of languages with a natural, warm, human-sounding voice.

Biometric Speaker Verification - Offers a small footprint and a low-cost design for effective biometric identification and authentication on any consumer product or mass market device.

Compressed Speech Coding/Playback/Storage - Speech compression algorithms offer storage and playback, or transmission of recorded speech that can be used to play user instruction prompts, device status indications, alert messages, entertaining content, memo recordings or even real-time speech channels. Rubidium also provides support for development of new interaction languages, software code porting, optimization, integration, customization and engineering requirements specific to our customers' software or hardware platforms.