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CEVA’s DSP Cores Power Portable, Mobile Devices

The Mobile market encompasses any battery-powered, handheld consumer electronic product that is portable. These include wireless handsets and smartphones, tablet computers, portable media players, and portable game consoles. In addition to audio, voice, video, and image processing, many of these products require mobile broadband and connectivity processing capabilities, where mobile broadband (also known as mobile Internet) refers to various types of wireless high-speed internet access, and connectivity including WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth.

CEVA DSPs Enable Media Rich Content

Today’s mobile products are required to provide the highest levels of audio and video fidelity using the latest and greatest processing algorithms. Increasing interaction with the Internet requires mobile systems to support a vast variety of formats for audio and video encoding and decoding, while post-processing functions play a critical role in differentiating one device from another. Embedded cameras in mobile devices require significant Image Signal Processing (ISP) in order to create quality images and video clips and support embedded vision applications. Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) provide the platform foundation that allows users to access, enjoy, and interact with media-rich content across all types of mobile devices.

CEVA is the world's leading licensor of synthesizable, programmable DSP cores. Each core delivers a different balance of performance, power dissipation, and die size, thereby allowing customers to select the DSP that is ideally suited to their target application.

CEVAnet Partners

To further reduce the cost, complexity, and risk in bringing products to market, CEVA has developed a suite of Platforms and Solutions combining the hardware and software elements that are essential to designers deploying CEVA’s state-of-the-art DSP cores. CEVA also collaborates with leading third-party suppliers to offer a comprehensive network of strategic technology partners that form a robust infrastructure around the CEVA DSP cores and platforms. Visit our CEVAnet Partners page for more information.