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CEVA Tools Partner

Multi-Core Debugger


Lauterbach is the leading manufacturer of JTAG debuggers and real-time trace tools. Highest quality, innovation and expert support have lead to Lauterbach's worldwide leadership in the JTAG and in-circuit-emulator market. It is an international, well-established company with branch offices in the US, Europe, Japan and China.

CEVA DSP Cores Supported

  • CEVA-TeakLite
  • CEVA-TeakLite-II , Xpert-TeakLite-II
  • CEVA-TeakLite-III, CEVA-TL3210, CEVA-TL3211
  • CEVA-TeakLite-4, CEVA-TL410, CEVA-TL420
  • CEVA-Teak, Xpert-Teak
  • CEVA-X, CEVA-X1622, CEVA-X1641, CEVA-X1643, CEVA-XS
  • CEVA-XC, CEVA-XC323, CEVA-XC4210, CEVA-XC4500

Partnering in Market Solutions

  • Wireless handsets and Infrastructure
  • Portable Multimedia
  • Home Entertainment
  • Voice over IP
  • Automotive

Product Offering

Lauterbach’s Trace32-PowerDebug enables CEVA customers to conduct real-time debugging of multi-core environments that incorporate CEVA DSPs.

The TRACE32-Powerdebug supports Multi-Core debugging together with other cores (e.g. ARM, MIPS or C166). All trigger and trace features of the chip are supported. Graphical variable displays and dedicated commands to handle large arrays support the development of DSP specific code.

Working together, Lauterbach and CEVA significantly accelerate application and chip development for complex, multi-core System-on-Chip (SoC) thanks to concurrent multi-core debugging of CEVA DSP Cores. This is a key element in the development and testing of SoC design where successfully debugging an application running simultaneously on two or more processors is vital to meeting a project’s timeline and its time-to-market. Lauterbach’s TRACE32 Debugger works with either multiple CEVA DSP cores or a combined CEVA DSP and other microprocessors.