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CEVA Software / Algorithm Partner

Computer Vision and Video Enhancement Algorithms


IRIDA Labs is a platform-independent leading technology provider of software and silicon IPs for Embedded Video Processing.

The company possesses significant knowledge in analysis, modeling, design and development of high-fidelity reference components and systems in Video Processing and Computer Vision, using state of the art CPU, GPU and DSP in the context of heterogeneous computing.

Our product and technology portfolio includes embedded vision software and silicon IP for high throughput applications such as video stabilization, face detection and recognition, low-light video enhancement, HQV, pedestrian detection and traffic sign recognition addressing mobile, wearables, surveillance, automotive and consumer electronics.

Founded in late 2007, IRIDA Labs is a privately-held company with headquarters in Patras, Greece and worldwide sales support, backed by VC and private investors.

CEVA DSP Cores Supported

Partnering in Market Solutions

  • Mobile devices
  • Automotive
  • Surveillance systems
  • Camera-enabled devices

Product Offering

IRIS-EnLight (low light video enhancement)

IRIS-EnLight exploits sophisticated image and video processing technologies to enable high quality video under challenging lighting conditions in real-world applications like mobile phones, surveillance cameras and automotive. Images and videos captured in low-light conditions are facing two problems: Insufficient visual information and excessive noise. The IRIS-EnLight core simultaneously addresses these, in order to reach a clear and properly illuminant output.

IRIS-Enlight is not based in an HDR approach thus it does not suffer from the limitation of multi-frame HDR techniques (blurring, ghosting, etc). To this end, and due to the highly innovative techniques employed in this IP core, IRIS-EnLight is able to process video streams in real time and under any motion conditions, without limiting the freedom of the camera user. However, although it is not an HDR module, IRIS-EnLight has inherent HDR characteristics, being able to work evenly well in high dynamic range scenes.

Moreover, by using EnLight, integrators can significantly leverage the functionality and response of the device cameras, by allowing higher shutter speeds, which in other case would lead to darker results and inferior image quality.

IRIS-EnLight has been optimized for the challenging computational environment of mobile devices and can process video streams in real-time and with low-power. It incorporates a bundle of innovative color tone-mapping techniques as well as a proprietary video de-noising system providing high-quality results.

IRIS-ViSTA (video stabilization)

IRIS-VISTA is a unique video stabilization software module bringing advanced imaging capabilities to embedded systems. It is a flexible and scalable solution fully optimized to run in real-time using minimal processing workloads and very low memory bandwidth.

IRIS-VISTA has been optimized for the challenging computational environment of mobile devices and can process video in real-time. The combination of high-quality results and low computational requirements as well as low power consumption makes IRIS-VISTA an excellent solution for mobile appliances.

In addition to motion compensation, IRIS-VISTA allows for the correction of rolling shutter distortion which results in geometric image distortions and in the so called «jelly effect», often present in videos captured with CMOS camera sensors.

IRIS-VISTA – transforming your videos into memories you want to save and share.