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Shaping the Future

Today at CEVA, we are busy developing the world’s digital destiny with unrivalled expertise in DSP cores and platform IP targeting the mobile, digital home and networking & infrastructure markets. A new era of connected, multimedia-rich devices, such as smartphones, tablets and connected TVs, has resulted in a huge increase in demand for DSP technology to deliver the performance and product differentiation required. HD video, HD audio, Software-Defined Radio (SDR) and serial connectivity are just some of the areas where CEVA leads the semiconductor industry. In a knowledge intensive industry such as ours, success relies on selecting, developing and retaining the most talented people for our business. At CEVA, we strive to provide a creative and motivating environment enabling our employees to create and shape the future of the semiconductor industry.

Balanced Work-Life Environment

With over 190 employees worldwide, CEVA is a multinational organization operating in Israel, USA, Europe and Asia. Our global team has been carefully chosen because of their skill sets and expertise. Our core engineering teams reside in Israel and Ireland. At CEVA we pride ourselves on our work-life balance policies. Frequent social activities ensure a good team spirit and healthy work atmosphere. Our organization is always on the go arranging activities for employees and family events. The wide range of activities caters for all interests. Regular company events provide a good opportunity to meet your colleagues in a relaxed setting, removed from the work environment.

The positive attitude and excellent team structure of the CEVA workforce make it an enviable place to work - come and see for yourself! To find more information on CEVA and to view our recent press releases, visit our media room.

Continuous Learning

CEVA places a strong emphasis on employee development. We believe in continuous learning and growth. Our employees are always challenged and advancing their skills and competencies. The highly skilled workforce at CEVA ensures our success and position as a world leader in our field.

At CEVA, we recognize our employees as the driving force behind the company’s success and reward them with a comprehensive and competitive benefits package. Our employment philosophy is to offer highly competitive salaries alongside high value benefits, flexible work hours, family friendly atmosphere and impressive employee self-development policies. Our work/private balance outlook helps CEVA employees to achieve a sense of balance between their personal and professional lives.

CEVA's performance management appraisal provides employees the opportunity to review and renew their objectives and goals once a year to ensure continuous development and career advancement. Our employee development philosophy is supported by bonuses and performance related pay.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

CEVA provides its employees a full and wide range benefits package that includes the following:


  • Competitive Salaries
  • Stock Options
  • Annual Salary Review
  • Bonus Scheme
  • Paid Vacation
  • Employee Share Purchase Plan

Health Benefits

  • 401K Plan for US Employees / Similar programs worldwide
  • Health Cover
  • Pension
  • Life Insurance

CEVA's all-inclusive benefits package together with working in the core of the digital world makes it an enviable place to work. Contact us, become part of the DSP Powerhouse and shape the future of the semiconductor industry!

CEVA is an equal opportunities employer. For more information on Careers at CEVA view our current open positions.