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CEVA IP Portal Partner


Design And Reuse (D&R) was founded in 1997 to promote the Intellectual Property (IP) concept in Electronic Systems. Its efforts led first to the creation of a worldwide B2B portal. D&R, as a software vendor, licenses IP packaging and IP exchange intranet technology through 4 products namely IP Provider Station, IP intranet Consumer Station, IP Intranet Reuse Station and recently SoC Collaborative station.

CEVA DSP Cores Supported

  • All CEVA DSP cores and platforms

Partnering in Market Solutions

  • All technologies

Product Offering

Based on its early experience, D&R licenses technology and services to make IP sharing and reuse happen worldwide and in each electronic design enterprise through 3 major products.

To IP providers, D&R offers the best vehicle (IP ProviderSstation) for publishing their offers through electronic catalogs, packaging their IPs and optimizing their delivery to customers while providing outstanding customer support. Automated catalog update, easy and efficient client data base management, and reliable IP delivery process will allow them to save resources while creating the best communication channel to their customers for mutual satisfaction; This will let them focus more resources on their excellence domain which is the IP design.

For large intranet corporations, D&R offers an innovative technology (IP consumer Intranet station) for organizing intranet catalogs for pre qualified external supplier and installing IP delivery stations for external suppliers under corporate contract; This will give a better insight to Asic project designers for selecting and using external suppliers and will drastically save time to market for their best Asic designs.

Finally D&R delivers to large corporations the Premier internal reuse station (IP reuse Intranet Station) so efficient and so easy to use that designers can exchange their reusable blocks with close to no overhead.

Within large corporations, information and IP source sharing of internal Intellectual property will become a reality by using D&R Technology; D&R believes that the Electronic design enterprise platforms have to be envisioned and implemented with the help and through the vision of experienced electronic design players in order to fully capture the needs of this community.