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The Software, Hardware, and System Modeling Tools Required to Deliver Success

CEVA’s Development Environment provides all of the Software, Hardware, and System Modeling tools required to deliver success.

CEVA's Development Environment

Software Development Tools

A complete set of development, debug, and optimization tools for software developers. The CEVA-Toolbox™ provides a Software Development Framework for CEVA DSP Cores. The CEVA-Toolbox includes a complete set of development, debug, and optimization tools for each of CEVA's DSP product families. All of these tools can be operated and configured via the integrated development environment (IDE) using a Graphic User Interface, supporting the user through his entire embedded application development flow.

CEVA Android Multimedia Framework (AMF)

Seamless Android integration, DSP abstraction to programmers, and CPU offload with low-power CEVA audio/voice and imaging/vision DSPs. The CEVA AMF is designed for Android system integrators, addressing the growing need for higher multimedia performance in mobile devices, longer battery life, and quick time-to-market of multi-processor systems implementing the Android OS.

Hardware Development Tools

All of the components required by system developers and integrators. CEVA's Hardware Development Tools provide all of the components for vendors to develop complete SoCs based on CEVA’s DSP cores and IP cores, including development chips, development boards, and FPGA platforms. The end result is to dramatically reduce the time-to-market cycle.

System Modeling Tools

Complete system-level modeling and simulation. The CEVA-Toolbox interfaces with leading System Modeling Tools, such as Virtualizer from Synopsys and SoC Designer Plus from Carbon Design Systems, to allow complete system level modeling, simulation, and profiling of the customer’s SoC before it is implemented. All CEVA-Toolbox simulation and debug tools are supported within these Electronic System-Level (ESL) environments, and all CEVA cores can be simulated together with off-the-shelf processors and modules as well as any proprietary logic.