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CEVA-X High-Performance, Low-Power DSP Cores for Multimedia and Communications

CEVA-X Family of DSP CoresDigital signal processing is a key technology that is powering many of today’s fastest growing electronics markets. CEVA is the world's leading licensor of programmable DSP Cores and Platforms and Solutions.

The CEVA-X family of cores is based on a unique mix of Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) and Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) architectures. The VLIW architecture allows a high level of concurrent instructions processing thus providing extended parallelism, as well as low power consumption. SIMD architecture allows single instructions to operate on multiple data elements resulting in code size reduction and increased performance.

This family of processors offers best-in-class performance, scalability, ease of programmability in C level and flexibility for different applications. The CEVA-X family offers an architecture framework from which multiple DSP designs are derived. Each DSP design is aimed to serve different application needs characterized by performance, power consumption and cost.

Which CEVA-X DSP core is right for me?


The smallest footprint CEVA-X processor offering optimal performance and cost. The dual MAC, 8-way VLIW CEVA-X1622 DSP core is the most cost-effective member of the CEVA-X family offering the smallest footprint and the best cost versus performance tradeoff. Target applications include audio, video, and multimedia processing, 2.5G/3G baseband processing and Voice for various markets.


High performance CEVA-X processor targeting more-demanding DSP applications. The quad-MAC, 8-way VLIW CEVA-X1641 DSP core offers the performance required for demanding DSP applications. Target applications include 3G/4G baseband processing in mobile devices and wireless infrastructure, multi-channel voice processing in gateways, and more.


Newest CEVA-X processor offering a wealth of features for a wide range of DSP-hungry applications. The most recent member of the CEVA-X family, the quad-MAC, 8-way VLIW CEVA-X1643 DSP core, offers a fully cached memory subsystem, higher power efficiency and advanced system interfaces. Target markets include 3G/4G baseband processing, wireline communications, surveillance systems, mobile applications, and more.

Comparison between the CEVA-X family DSP cores:

Comparison of DSP cores in the CEVA X Family