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A Complete Set of Development, Debug, and Optimization Tools

CEVA-toolbox_logoCEVA’s Development Environment provides all of the Software, Hardware, and System Modeling tools required to deliver success.

The CEVA-Toolbox™ provides a Software Development Framework for CEVA DSP Cores. The CEVA-Toolbox includes a complete set of development, debug, and optimization tools for each of CEVA's DSP product families. All of these tools can be operated and configured via the integrated development environment (IDE) using a Graphic User Interface, supporting the user through his entire embedded application development flow.


Leveraging nearly 20 years of experience in developing Software Development tools and platforms for DSP cores, the CEVA-Toolbox development framework offers the most advanced set of features for DSP and embedded processor development. The combination of CEVA-Toolbox and CEVA’s state-of-the-art DSP core architectures ensures ease of programmability and optimal performance. By offering a fully integrated development platform with advanced graphical interfaces and highly efficient support for C-level programming, CEVA-Toolbox minimizes the requirement for DSP architecture-specific knowledge, thereby reducing risk and significantly speeding time-to-market.

The CEVA-Toolbox also features an innovative Application Optimizer – an integrated optimizing tool-chain focused on pure-C level application optimization for DSP applications. The end result is a complete, end-to-end C-level software development flow significantly improving application performance and reducing time-to-market of DSP-based SoCs.


Integrated Toolchain

Integrated Development Environment (IDE): A development framework for developing software applications for all CEVA-DSP Cores, including:

  • A fully-featured editor
  • Complete software development tools connectivity
  • Project management, including project space for multiple projects and a project tree
  • Project settings of the various tools;
  • Configuration management support
  • Script interpreter support for automation of build and test processes

C Compiler: State-of-the-art compiler technology targeting modern embedded processors:

  • Optimized specifically for CEVA DSP core architectures
  • Large set of cycle count and code size optimization levels that can be intermixed for size vs. speed tradeoffs
  • Dedicated support for advanced DSP mechanisms such as: VLIW, Vector, SIMD, conditional code, and more
  • Equipped with a complete set of architecture specific extensions to allow reaching optimal performance in C level

Debugger: Advanced fully featured Debugger including:

  • Integrated instruction level and cycle accurate simulation capabilities
  • Full memory subsystem visualization, simulation and profiling support
  • Multiple emulation modes, including on-the-fly connection
  • Multi-core debug support
  • MATLAB connectivity (optional) - allowing easy algorithm migration and testing
  • Extensive scripting capabilities
  • Run-time violation detection
  • Modular, open architecture including user-customization


  • Powerful C-like operators, directives, and numeric expressions support; Modular programming capabilities;
  • Complete core-specific architectural restriction-checking and correction;
  • Rich set of directives and operators

Optimizing Linker

  • Modular and flexible mapping capabilities to precisely match the designer's system architecture;
  • Rich set of directives and operators
  • Post-Linker Optimizer allowing application level improvements automatically

Application Optimizer

SDT Project Optimizer ToolchainApplication Optimizer: Allows application developers to easily develop software for CEVA's DSPs purely in C-Level, eliminating any hand-written assembly coding, thereby resulting in significantly better overall performance and a shorter design cycle for SoC designs. The application optimizer Includes:


  • Automatic build optimizer
  • Complete set of optimized libraries
  • Seamless code migration
  • Application level Profiling
  • Environment automation

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