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CEVA-SATA IP Drives State-of-the-Art Storage Systems

CEVA-SATA_smallAs a leading provider of Serial ATA (SATA) IP since 2003, CEVA has a strong track record in licensing and supporting this specialist technology.

CEVA-SATA Device Controller IP

CEVA SATA solutionCEVA’s extensive experience with SSD licensees has resulted in a SATA Device Controller IP solution that is tailored for high throughput performance. The optimized Device Command Layer provides hardware off-load for the embedded processor and offers advanced semaphore options for interfacing with system DMA and Cache memory.

The CEVA-SATA Device Controller IP supports the latest SATA3.0 specification for 6Gbps operation. In order to meet the needs of Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs), CEVA has integrated CEVAnet Partner AES technology with the CEVA-SATA Device Controller IP to minimize latency and maximize throughput.

CEVA-SATA Host Controller IP

CEVA-SATA AHCI Host Controller and CEVA-SATA Enterprise Host Controller IP packages are available, both supporting SATA3.0 (6Gbps). The AHCI variant is suitable for those applications requiring conformance with standard AHCI software drivers. The Enterprise variant is aimed at embedded applications where the licensee has full control of the software drivers, thereby allowing system customization. In both cases, a feature-rich solution is offered, including hardware assisted FIS-based switching for highest performance in Port Multiplier based systems.

CEVA-SATA IP Target Applications

Target applications for CEVA-SATA Device Controller IP include SSDs and Blu-Ray and other optical storage devices.

Target applications for CEVA-SATA Host Controller IP include Set-Top-Box (STB) and Digital Video Recorders, Media Gateway Servers, netbook and tablet computers, RAID Controllers, and Surveillance Controllers.

Features Deliverables
  • SATA2.6 and SATA3.0 Host and Device Controller IP Solutions
  • Flexible PHY control layer provides ease of integration with industry leading PHY IP, such as Snowbush and MoSys
  • Processor-offload features within the controller IP increase performance while reducing real-time software loading
  • Full support for high performance FIS-based switching and the latest NCQ modes
  • Datasheet; Verilog RTL Source Code; Example Software drivers
  • Test Environment User’s Guide; Testbench including AMBA and Host/Device transactors
  • Synthesis Guidelines Document; Example scripts for Synthesis, STA, and LEC
  • FPGA-based Development System emulating simple SSD (for use with Device Controller IP) or Host HBA (for use with Host Controller IP
...and many more - Download the CEVA-SATA Product Brief for more information

Architectural Highlights

  • Multiple system bus options, including AHB-32b, AXI-32b, AXI-64b, and AXI-128b
  • Multiple FIFO options within the Transport Layer to accommodate the licensee’s system bus latencies while providing optimized die area
  • A comprehensive and flexible PHY Control Layer to interface to multiple PHY/SERDES options, incorporating 8B/10B coding, OOB processing, and PhyInt state machine.