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CEVA-MM3000 High-Performance, Low Power DSP IP Platforms for Imaging, Computer Vision and Multimedia Applications

ceva_3000Big changes are happening in the consumer electronics markets. Image enhancement, computational photography and computer vision algorithms, which have once been solely possible to execute in the PC domain, are now able to run efficiently on battery powered devices. Moreover, running such algorithms on dedication Computer Vision (CV) processors, such as the CEVA-MM3000 family of DSPs, such algorithms only utilize small amounts of power consumption, enabling them to run over long periods of time and in some cases at all times (e.g. Always-On).

The means of interaction with the machines around us is undergoing a fundamental transformation as well. In the near future we’ll be more and more able to interact and control our devices simply by signaling with our fingers, gesturing with our hands or moving our body. In fact the devices may become so sophisticated, they will be able to analyze and understand the users emotions and intentions automatically and respond accordingly.

Most consumer electronic devices today – Smartphones, tablets, DTVs, Automobiles and the like, either already include or plan to integrate one or multiple cameras. Leveraging the one or multiples sensors, these cameras generate data which represent the “space around the device”, the data is then manipulated into meaningful operations of the devices. These and other technologies which enable breakthrough interaction between humans and the devices/computers are referred to as Human-Machine Interface (HMI), Natural User Interface (NUI) or User Experience (UX).

The CEVA-MM3000 DSPs, when integrated into SoCs, enable multiple such CV and NUI algorithms to run concurrently on a single device utilizing low power to enable extended battery time of the devices. All these capabilities come in extremely low cost form factors to enable mass market adoption of the technology.

NUI Applications Enabled by CEVA-MM3000

The CEVA-MM3000 family of IP platforms include much more than just the DSPs, The platform includes

  • A fully programmable vector DSP, built for addressing the extreme computational needs of the most sophisticated imaging and computer vision algorithms
  • A comprehensive Application Developer Kit (ADK) including an extended computer vision pre-optimized library, a framework which plugs in directly to the host/CPU processor and enables easy offloading and acceleration of CV tasks from the CPU to the DSP as well as software modules which automate handling of system & memory tasks at the frame level. All these ease the algorithm developer’s task and abstract the CPU offloading while gaining the benefits of efficiency and low power.
  • SW products like super resolution and digital video stabilizer
  • A comprehensive Eclipse-based software development environment including an optimizing C compiler, debugger, profiler, cycle accurate simulator
  • A fully featured hardware development platform including relevant device drivers and peripherals to enable early and fast prototyping
  • An expanding partner eco-system CEVAnet Partner Program, which leverages industry-leading technology providers who collaborate with CEVA to offer ready-to-market optimized and efficient algorithms

Target Markets for the CEVA-MM3000 family

Mobile & Wearable Devices

  • Smartphones, tablets, portable gaming devices, wearable devices etc.
  • Addresses any computational photography, scene analysis, NUI, augmented reality and computer vision algorithm in an efficient and power conserving factor.
  • Enabling OEM differentiation and programming of their own algorithms. Able to support development of new algorithms over the product life-cycle.
  • Offloading the application processor (AP)


  • Addresses the infotainment HMI, HUD, AR and ADAS safety critical tasks.
  • Able to execute extremely complex use-cases .

Surveillance & Security

  • Enables addition of digital content and manipulation directly on the cameras to reduce traffic to control centers and improve the speed and lower the cost of the systems.
  • Able to perform various scene analysis and image enhancement algorithms.

Home Entertainment & Digital Signage

  • DTVs, STBs, IP Cameras, PCs, Laptops, Signage, Game consoles, etc.
  • Enables a combination of NUI algorithms running in parallel.

Industrial & Medical

  • Enable the most sophisticated imaging and computer vision algorithms development.

Always Connected

Features Benefits

Industry’s highest performance and lowest power imaging and computer vision  IP platform for camera-enabled devices

Enabling implementation of innovative applications such as ADAS, computational photography, augmented reality, NUI, 3D reconstruction. Offloading these heavy tasks from other engines in the systems like GPU&CPU – hence saving area, power and extending battery life of the devices.

Multipurpose platform,  can support many computer vision  Image/Video enhancement  and multimedia requirements cross multiple markets

Enables reuse of same design cross multiple products and multiple markets saving in cost and time-to-market

Software Programmable

Product upgradeable through simple software-upgrades; enables product differentiation through software.

Enables OEM/Tier 1 differentiation by writing their own applications

Open architecture and standardized APIs

Additional software components can be easily developed or licensed through CEVA’s partners

Advanced Eclipse-based IDE, optimizing C compiler, profiler, debugger and simulator, libraries, RTOS and device driver support

Eases software development, reduces resource requirements, and speeds time to market

Application Development Kit :

Host – DSP API, Android OS API 

Fast Time To Market:  Easy integration via simplified system design combined with optimized performance and low power consumption.

Automates offloading from CPU to DSP without need to fully program or understand the DSP.

Abstracts all system and memory aspects. Saves memory bandwidth by linking multiple kernels.

...and many more - Download the CEVA-MM3000 Product Brief for more information