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CEVA is a world leader in its field and we strive to maintain our position at the cutting edge of technology development. In a constantly changing industry, CEVA's working culture remains the same.

We uphold an open, interactive and team orientated work philosophy where everyone's contribution is valued. Alongside this teamwork ethic comes a shared responsibility to provide the best solution for each goal and the satisfaction that goes with it. CEVA ensures that, while this responsibility is shared, so too are the rewards!

We recognize that our employees are vital to the success of CEVA, and we openly encourage employees to develop their skills and competencies while working alongside our operating principles.

CEVA Operating Principles

The Core Operating Principles were developed to help us deliver on our promises to both clients and employees. To ensure we deliver an unrivalled service, CEVA upholds the following values:

Respect for the Individual

At CEVA, we commit to a working environment that treats people with respect, while ensuring fairness and equality of opportunity. This means:

  • Treating everyone with dignity and as individuals
  • Maintaining an open atmosphere where direct communication affords the opportunity for all to contribute to the maximum of their potential
  • Ensuring opportunities for training and development
  • Committing to company policy on equality

Ethics and Professionalism

CEVA commits to an environment of trust and honesty, enabling us to perform as professionals in our field. This means:

Acting with integrity in all aspects of business

  • Understanding and adhering to all company Policies & Procedures
  • Understanding, complying and respecting with the laws and culture of each country and community in which we operate
  • Respecting the values and cultures of our diverse workforce
  • Maintaining a professional approach with each other, customers and the community at large within which we work

Business and Customer Focus

At CEVA, we continuously strive to achieve success for the organization and our employees. This means:

  • Increasing our share of existing markets
  • Addressing new markets where our technology can thrive
  • Providing the opportunity for everyone associated with CEVA to grow personally

Health & Safety

Monitoring and ensuring the Health & Safety of our workforce is a priority at CEVA. This means:

  • Adhering to the CEVA Health & Safety Policy
  • Following Office Safety Procedures
  • Ensuring an office environment that is free from any form of harassment, intimidation and/or bullying.

CEVA is an equal opportunities employer. For more information on Careers at CEVA view our current open positions.